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Teenage Pregnancy Rate Dropping

Pandora Herrera

Over the past ten years the teenage pregnancy rate had dropped dramatically. Why is the rate dropping though? Why are children still being looked down on so harshly if the rate is dropping? People are getting smarter and...

March 10, 201715 Comments

Donald Trump Accuses Obama For Tapping Into His Phones

Eric Arrieta

On Saturday March 4, President Trump accused Obama of tapping into his phones at the Trump Tower one month before the election. Trump posted about it on twitter saying “ How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phon...

March 9, 201710 Comments

The Significance of Women’s Marches

The Significance of Women’s Marches

Cecilia Belio

The women’s marches that occurred were vital. They took place on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017. The significant protests were worldwide, even though they weren't intended to be. Thousands of protesters were inspiring because...

March 6, 201713 Comments

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Recent Sports Scores

  • Thursday, January 5

    Boys Basketball

    My School 74 - Sunrise Mountain HS 41

  • Thursday, January 5

    Girls Basketball

    My School 52 - Sunrise Mountain HS 4

  • Tuesday, January 3

    Boys Basketball

    My School 37 - Cheyenne HS 54

  • Tuesday, January 3

    Flag Football

    My School 19 - Sunrise Mountain HS 6

  • Tuesday, January 3

    Boys Basketball

    My School 52 - Cheyenne HS 56

Should The NBA Eliminate Conferences

Franky Garcia

The NBA has teams set in divisions that are placed in two separate Conferences, East and West. The top eight teams from each Conference will the compete against each other in the playoffs. Then the winner from each con...

March 23, 20171 Comment

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  • Athlete Profile: Yanin Perez March 22, 2017
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Should Tablets Replace Textbooks?

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks?

March 23, 2017No Comments

Staff Profile: Sean Mcnulty

March 22, 2017

Getting to know one of us

March 15, 2017

Staff Profile: Mrs. Stewart

Staff Profile: Mrs. Stewart

March 10, 2017

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  • Why Twins are Awesome

    There is so many reasons that twins are awesome. There is also many reasons that why twins are fun to have . You will know by the end of the article. ...

  • Dating in High School !?!?

    Dating in High School !?!?

  • Why should Donald Trump be impeached?

    Why should Donald Trump be impeached?     Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect but Donald Trump has made too many mistakes. There are m...

  • Federal Budget Changes

              Why Mr. Trump makes changes to a number of progress to impact federal spending? The impact affects half the state! The state is...

  • How Do Juniors and Seniors Feel About the ACT?

    The ACTs are here and students must prepare. Some cram learned lessons into their heads, trying to remember what is essential. A long test, quizzi...

  • Lunches

    Desert Pines High School has a very short time period for students to eat lunch. The lunch lines at school are unorganized and go on for miles and mi...

  • Dirty Bathrooms

    When going to school & walking in the bathrooms you don't want to see it dirty. Bathrooms at school should be much more cleaner than how they are ...

  • Dress Code

    Dress code should not be enforced as strictly. Students should be able to express themselves in any kind of clothes. Nor should teachers and students ...

  • Longer Lunches

    Longer  Lunchtime for Students is too short.The idea is that lunches give students more time to eat during lunch. Students want more lunch time, and...

  • Cell Phone Usage in Classrooms

    Cell phones should not be used in classrooms, unless for educational and academic purposes. Cell phones cause students to become distracted and some a...

The student news site of  Desert Pines High School
The student news site of Desert Pines High School