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Cell Phone Usage in Classrooms

Zhatiya Williams

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Cell phones should not be used in classrooms, unless for educational and academic purposes. Cell phones cause students to become distracted and some are even left behind.

Students are using their electronic devices for cheating on assignments and tests and for other unruly behavior. A study done by the Centre of Economic Performance found that “6.41 percent of test scores were higher at schools that prohibited cell phone usage.”

Although it may be argued that it prepares some for real world jobs, not all, or even most, jobs require one to be on their phone texting friends or going on social media sites. Punishments for every time students are caught using their device for other reasons should be enforced.

The discipline should also progressively become more strict each time the student is caught with it. Cellular devices need to only be used for academic enhancing.

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7 Responses to “Cell Phone Usage in Classrooms”

  1. Aholyava nava on February 17th, 2017 11:07 am

    This is true and i think cellphones should be taken but then again what if something imporant happens to a student and they need to call parents or they need to text someone about an important situation .


  2. Jennifer Soto on February 17th, 2017 11:17 am

    I agree with you and I am guilty of using my phone in class but i think some teachers gave up on trying to take away phones and discipline student because no matter the action that the teacher decides to take a student will always argue with the teacher clamming that they weren’t using their phone or saying that why don’t other kids get in trouble for using their phones. All of this takes time and knowledge away from the students and the teachers so they just let it slide and if the kid fails then that’s their problem. just know that the teacher gave you many warnings and eventually gave up on you.


  3. Savanna Strott on February 17th, 2017 11:39 am

    This had really good vocabulary. It sounds very intelligent and well written. Inliked the inclusion on thestatistic.


  4. steve padilla on February 24th, 2017 1:35 pm

    i think cell phones should be used in class if the kids pay attention. Students should be able to text and send messages as long as they are on task. For tests they should be put away but during regular class time the should be able to use them.


  5. David Marquez on February 27th, 2017 1:44 pm

    I agree with this article because it is reasonable and truthful. Students should not be able to be on their phones unless for educational purposes . Because if there are no restrictions against cell phone usage in a classroom then there will be a lot of students who will be distracted the whole class time.


  6. josue zotelo on March 1st, 2017 1:43 pm

    I agree become become distacted all the time. I especially hate it when im partnered with a person andhes using his phone


  7. Lesli Nuno on March 2nd, 2017 1:40 pm

    I agree, cell phone usage should only be allowed for educational purposes. Unless the teacher has allowed the students to use their phone, no one should have their phone out. It causes a distraction, for it should be penalized like every other thing that students can get in trouble for.


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Cell Phone Usage in Classrooms