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Cell Phone Usage in Classrooms

Zhatiya Williams

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Cell phones should not be used in classrooms, unless for educational and academic purposes. Cell phones cause students to become distracted and some are even left behind.

Students are using their electronic devices for cheating on assignments and tests and for other unruly behavior. A study done by the Centre of Economic Performance found that “6.41 percent of test scores were higher at schools that prohibited cell phone usage.”

Although it may be argued that it prepares some for real world jobs, not all, or even most, jobs require one to be on their phone texting friends or going on social media sites. Punishments for every time students are caught using their device for other reasons should be enforced.

The discipline should also progressively become more strict each time the student is caught with it. Cellular devices need to only be used for academic enhancing.

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The student news site of  Desert Pines High School
Cell Phone Usage in Classrooms