Truancy and It’s Consequences

Not attending school can have major effects for both the student and  Desert Pines High School. Students who do not come to school do not  get all their education or even important life skills. Many high school students either do not attend school or just skip class daily.

Stricter rules on truancy would encourage students to become more responsible. To begin with there would be bigger retaliation if students were truant. This would lead to them think twice before making the wrong decision. Also, students would come to school or class if the reprehension was more impactful and varied.

“School districts that have established multi-systematic approaches and policies pertaining to student absenteeism typically experience fewer numbers of dropouts and a greater number of graduates.” Therefore enforcing the fight against truancy would encourage students to actually work and to complete assignments.

Others may say that stricter rules on truancy wouldn’t make a difference because students would just ignore them. Although there are cases where this could be true, the rules and consequences would be more tough than before

An easy solution for this situation is to have different steps to the rules and consequences. This would include warnings and progressively get “harsher” or more strict. It should also be reasonable so students that didn’t do anything wrong, don’t get affected. Overall students attending school more would encourage them to work more and to complete the work as well as being a responsible member of the society.