Lunches are too short.Students don’t get much time to eat.By the time those kids wait in line and settle down to eat,many of them only get a few minutes to eat and feel rushed to eat their lunch. Students need more time to eat.

Students at Desert Pines High School should have long lunch periods. For a student to have plenty time to eat. It not enough time for students to stop at their lockers, wait in line to get their lunch and actually sit down to eat because they don’t have enough time. Having longer lunches will also reduce the number of tardies and students to keep up with their grade.

Many people say shorter lunch mean more class time to finish work. But extend lunch time is a better benefit for students to have a more healthful lunch so students won’t be pressure to eat fast.A solution to shorter lunch would be to get more time in lunch for students to be able to eat, to cut a few minutes in class to get more lunch time. For students to be able to eat lunch.

Students at DP should obtain longer lunch so students have enough time to eat their lunch. Having longer lunch periods will also reduces number of tardies. A longer lunch period would not only afford students more time to eat, but more time for the staff to prepare the food more efficiently and at higher quality.