Problems regarding Desert Pines HS bathrooms

Perla Martinez Bravo, Problems regarding Desert Pines HS bathrooms

Desert Pines High School is a school in which several of their students are hard workers and are very dedicated with their work, but there is a problem that is concerning a lot of them in which is a huge issue regarding bathrooms.

This issue concerning bathrooms is a big argument many students have and are wanting to find a solution by.You may be asking ”Why is this such a big deal”? ,well there are many reasons for this. The major problem for this is that there is not a huge amount of supplies available for all students and staff to use. Such appliances include soap, paper towels, more better sinks, and even mirrors! We, as students have our right as any other staff in DP as well!

Not only this, but there is many more to this for it to be solved in order at DP to be happy with. Another issue concerning this problem is the wanted repairment for toilets. Many of them are in no good condition to be used and there is no attention towards them. This issue decreases the amount of people going in for their personal use. Such as more toilets are necessary, so are new changes too! These changes should also include in offering new bathroom doors and walls because many of them are drawn and written on.

There are some people that aren’t as concerned for these bathrooms as me or aren’t in total agreement with me but each reason and opinion are different. Many are satisfied with the idea of staying already using dirty bathrooms, but don’t you think we deserve better? For all of us? As members of this school, we are all allowed to study and breathe in a more healthier learning environment.

The only possible solution to this concern would be to come up with an better idea in order to keep all the bathrooms clean and well organized. Imagine coming to a new and improved Desert Pines High School in which it’s bathrooms are well nice and done? This could possibly come true!