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Underrated Sports At Desert Pines

Isabelle Corbett

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Basketball and football get the most recognition out of all the sports at Desert Pines which means not a lot of people know about the other sports including when they play or who they play. DP should help our underrated sports like softball, volleyball and many other sports so they can also get the recognition that they deserve. With the things they need the players can win more and perform better.

Basketball and football are the most talked about sports at DP especially during the announcements and assemblies they are also the most played sports at DP, which leaves the other sports out of the spotlight, because of this students don’t know whats going on with the other sports around the school DP gets a lot of money yearly just for sports programs but it all mostly goes to basketball and football.

With better equipment and uniforms for all the underrated sports at DP they can have a chance to perform better at their sport and in games. With the school paying for some of the things that the other teams need also comes with money, where would all the money come from now that they would need more than what the school gives them yearly and what about other money for clubs in the school, where would they get their money that they need?

A solution would be that the school and the coaches should set up fundraisers. Another would have to do with the money given to the school yearly for sports, the money could be given or spread among the other sports instead of just football and basketball. If we put more money towards the other underrated sports they might do better during games and might end up actually getting money in return.

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Underrated Sports At Desert Pines