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How Do Juniors and Seniors Feel About the ACT?

Zhatiya Williams

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The ACTs are here and students must prepare. Some cram learned lessons into their heads, trying to remember what is essential. A long test, quizzing and measuring what they know. Many students may be nervous about the test, though. ‘How come?’ you may be wondering.

Tests, whether you are a student or an adult, can be very nerve-racking as I, myself, would know. All our lives we have been given tests. To pressurize them more, the ACT tests are mandatory for a student’s graduation from high school.

Another possibility of their anxiousness is the “what-ifs”. Questions haunt their minds on possible and completely realistic scenarios. For example, ‘what if I wake up late and don’t make it in time? What if i’m sick, are there retests?’

Although students have had three to four years to brace themselves for this test, that does not tame the pop of illness or family emergencies. Anything could happen, the world is unpredictable— as is life.

“About 16-20% of students have high test anxiety, making this the most prevalent scholastic impairment of our schools today,” a study done by the American Test Anxieties Association (ATAA) found. To lower the nervousness of taking these tests, teachers should reassure students that they will do fine as long as they show up and put forth effort. Besides, if the juniors don’t make it this year, there is always next year. Don’t give up hope!

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How Do Juniors and Seniors Feel About the ACT?