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Girl athletes at Desert Pines receiving less money?

Isabelle Corbett

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The girl athletes here at Desert Pines should get more money for supplies that they need or some supplies that they may want. The boy athletes get a lot more money, personally I think the girls deserve to get at least the same amount of money as the boys do.
The girls have been doing well this year as far as winning a couple of games. Like I brought up in my previous article the boys basketball team gets track suits and backpacks each year while the girls basketball team is lucky enough to get a jacket. Since the girls don’t get the supplies they need let alone want, they sometimes don’t get to reach their full potential in playing their sport, for example the softball team here at DP doesn’t have a lot of bats to practice swinging, because of this it takes twice as long to finish since they are sharing. The girl athletes also don’t get the same recognition as the boy athletes, although they may receive awards some boys receive trophies, the football players alone even got a ‘signing day’ for their scholarships.
If we do give the girls the money we would have less for the boys. Laisha Sanchez, sophomore who was on junior varsity last year and varsity this year for the softball team here at DP, stated “I kind of think it’s unfair that the boys are always getting new equipment when we have to fund raise for it and sometimes we still don’t have enough money”.
So again the girl athletes here at DP should receive at least the same amount as the boy athletes get. A solution would be, for the school to give money to the girls or they can either start to fundraiser more.

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Girl athletes at Desert Pines receiving less money?