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Federal Budget Changes

catherine gomez

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          Why Mr. Trump makes changes to a number of progress to impact federal spending? The impact affects half the state! The state is facing federal budget. Though Donald Trump has not yet released his budget. Though promise is to change how the congress allocates federal funds.

            Half the states are scrambled to get their finances and planning to get a potential tax cut and although this adds more pressure for them this could be our only option to make the world better with financial cuts.

States aren’t starting out in a good place, and things could possibly get much worse, very quickly,’, says Richard Auxier, a researcher at urban institute and an economic policy research group.

As federal budget may be increasing it also means other agencies getting cut off, others may think this is not a fair choice president trump is doing.

        Both Mr. Trump and house speaker Paul Ryan have aid they wanted to over hand the federal tax code that would lower taxable income at the state level as well. I think this is a good idea because when people get their tax money they spend it on something they don’t need and when it comes to needing something that they do need they don’t have the money.

   When you look at how this could help out the state it the government not spending OUR money on something pointless. Although the things that they could be cutting off could cause chaos but it’s something we need to understand that not everything can stay the same forever and certain things need to change to make a better outcome. This promise that president trump has made is to cut large ‘tremendous waste’.

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Federal Budget Changes