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Why should Donald Trump be impeached?

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Why should Donald Trump be impeached?

    Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect but Donald Trump has made too many mistakes. There are many reasons why Trump shouldn’t be president and many where he should. My perspective of Trump isn’t so good. I don’t think he should be president. Donald Trump should be impeached.

Donald Trump thinks mexicans are destroying America when we are really the ones building it up. 17 percent of the U.S. population are Mexicans. Trump is pretty much against only mexicans.

I don’t like Donald Trump for everything he is trying to change. He wants to make changes that won’t make America any better. He thinks the U.S. will be better but it will probably get a little worse.

Trump probably won’t treat us all fair. He wants to deport mexicans only when mexicans arent the only immigrants in America. Even though the majority of immigrants are mexicans, we are still not the only ones.

Although I think Donald Trump won’t be a good president for the U.S., he does have experience with business. He’s been with many companies. He can use his strategies in any useful way. has a couple reasons why Trump won’t be a good president. “He’s far too self-important to ever be an effective politician,” says Donald Trump won’t be a good president because he isnt fair to everyone. A solution would be to impeach Trump. Impeaching him would prevent him from doing what he wants.

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One Response to “Why should Donald Trump be impeached?”

  1. Arlyn Figueroa on March 28th, 2017 8:41 am

    i feel like we should impeach Donald trump because of all the horrible things he’s said about the people. i hope they find something out with this investigation that is currently going on with him so they have a reason to impeach him.


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Why should Donald Trump be impeached?