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Eddie Heckard off to Weber State!!!

Steven Collins

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Desert Pines has done it again. They’ve managed to send many players off to college to play football on scholarships. There is one specific player I’m talking about here today. Eddie Heckard is his name. He is also a very athletic player.

Eddie Heckard is one of the most athletic athletes playing sports here at DP. He can play football, basketball, and run track. He is also holding it down in the classroom maintaining over a 3.0 grade point average, so that he can receive scholarships, graduate, and play sports.  Plenty of  coaches most likely  wanted to talk to him. He has helped his team mates go and get a state championship in both basketball and football this year.

Also incase you didn’t know this about him. He plays as a safety when he is grinding on the football field. He is only 5’10 and  165 pounds. He can bench press 265 when he is in the weight room. He is very fast, because as i said before he ran track, so his speed record for the 40 yard dash is a  4.67.

With a player with his ability it’s no way he wasn’t getting talked to by coaches. This year he had 12 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, and 47 tackles. That record and grades obviously got him a scholarship to attend Weber State University. We all know he could not have done it without his father pushing him in his early years and DP football coaches and staff helping him achieve his goal.

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One Response to “Eddie Heckard off to Weber State!!!”

  1. Rachelle Banales on March 28th, 2017 8:44 am

    I love this article because what you have said is true Eddie has accomplished so much and he is my jag brother so i couldnt be more proud. Eddie has a passion and he has golas and what you said in this article has told his passion and thag is playing football. Ive seen him on both fields and court and he gets the job done.


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Eddie Heckard off to Weber State!!!