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Getting To Know Them: Savanna Strott

Dalia Rosas-Perez, Executive Editor

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Many people “know” Savanna Strott, but do they actually know her? It is no secret she is a hard worker that has persevered in different situations. The valedictorian of the 2017 class and a senator in the Nevada Youth Legislature it feels like she doesn’t have time for more, but she does. Savanna is also the head of the new addition to the yearbook, the video yearbook. Starting from scratch Strott has taken it on well even though there have been some bumps in the road.

Fellow students can’t help but admire her and her work ethic. She is a role model to many students because of her achievements and hard work, which shows incoming freshman it can be done. Aside from students looking up to her, teachers also admire her work. A well-rounded student that works before play but understands the importance of down time. It is important to highlight not only our athletes but our academic achievers.

A hard worker and great leader it leaves us wondering how she does it, so I met with her to ask her just that:

Dalia Rosas:  How do you manage or handle your school work and personal life?

Savanna Strott:  Through high school balance is key. You can’t just work all the time because you need personal time too. And family time, of course, I still have that.

D.R.:  How did you achieve what you have achieved?

S.S.:  A lot of hard work. I believe many people have the ability to [succeed], but choose not to do the hard work.

D.R.: I know it is a new thing and you are basically leading it, so how has it been working with the Video Yearbook?

S.S.:  It has been kind of challenging because my group didn’t know much about video production. This meant I had to teach them about it, but after they learned it was great hearing their ideas.

D.R.: What is your favorite memory of highschool and why?

S.S.:  Definitely Junior Prom, because it was a change in the atmosphere. After doing nerdy stuff and all.

D.R.: Finally, what do you want to do or where do you want to go after high school?

S.S.: Well I still don’t know where I’m going after high school, but I applied to Northwestern, American University, and NYU among others for Broadcast Journalism.

After learning more about her we can really see who Strott is and how she works.

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Getting To Know Them: Savanna Strott