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Getting to know one of us

Perla Martinez Bravo

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When thinking of a person whose life been marked by big hopes and dreams, you may want to consider the life of a young girl who’s working to do her best ,such as Patricia Mandujano, freshman at Desert Pines High School. She is working daily facing off all of her hard struggles and challenges just for her outcome to result in the best way possible. With all of the pressure,stress, and worries, she still manages to think the positivity out from everything and wants to correct herself, throughout from all mistakes life has given her. Her challenges such as keeping up lately with work have been a big stress, but is willing to make an improvement daily for herself , for her to achieve all of her purposes and her goals. These following interview questions are being asked to tell you a bit of how her person is and what are her goals for now.

Perla M (Me): “What motivates you to go to school everyday”?
Patricia M: “What motivates me to go to school everyday is ROTC and my family too”!

Me: “How do you manage your time to do everything necessary that you have to do”?
PM: “I use my schedule to keep everything organized and on track.”

Me: “What is your biggest goal for now”?
PM: “My biggest goal for now is to get good grades and to keep up in culinary arts.”

Me: “How would you see yourself in the future”?
PM: “I would see my future filled with success and still be in what I enjoy the best which is ROTC”.  

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One Response to “Getting to know one of us”

  1. Karina Lopez on March 23rd, 2017 12:29 pm

    The fact that she is always motivated to come to school …. it makes me think where did all of my motivates go. 🙁


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Getting to know one of us