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Athlete Profile: Yanin Perez

Jose Hernandez

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Desert Pines High School has a Cross Country student named “Yanin Perez”. Yanin is an athletic person that never gives up and always keeps trying. She always gives her best when it comes to running. She has taken some medals home that make her feel really proud of what she is doing. Yanin is an athletic that is making a differences for herself.

JH: Are there sometimes when you would want to quit? Why?

YP: First of all i’m not a quitter. I always keep going until i’m finished no matter what. Yes i do get tired and want to stop but why stop when you’re more than half why their.

JH: Was it hard at the beginning? How?

YP: It was hard at the beginning because i didn’t know how to breath while running. I wasn’t in shape either. Most of the time i would go home and be so tired and exhausted. It’s never easy doing something new.

JH: Are you proud of what you have accomplished? Why?

YP: Yes, i am proud of what i’ve accomplished. First i had to make it to the originals and then states and i made it to both. Not everyone makes it to them. It’s not that easy to make it to states. You have to be a really fast runner to make it.

JH: Do your parents support you? How?

YP: Yes, my parents do support me until i’m a certain age. They don’t want  me to do this all my life. They help me plan and help me make new goals.their really proud of me and are always supporting never letting me down.




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  1. Luis Razura on March 23rd, 2017 11:33 am

    In the article they spelled regional, they spelled originals.


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Athlete Profile: Yanin Perez