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Should Tablets Replace Textbooks?

March 23, 2017

Tablets are the future

Having tablets can benefit schools in many ways to learn. Students could find it very interesting to learn with tablets because you can find lots of information and they are more likely to pay attention since its a tablet. Which saves storage in classrooms, gives students a better learning environment and making it more fun to learn.


First off, tablets can hold hundreds of textbooks on one device. Including homework, quizzes and other files eliminating the need for physical storage of books and classroom. Tablets can take a lot of those pieces of paper away if schools switched to tablets and help save trees. Tablets help students better prepare for a world immersed in technology. Having students take notes on tablets can save a lot of paper!


Second, tablets allow teachers to better a student’s learning. Teachers have a new way to reach students who have have had a difficulty engaging with plain text on a page 81% of k-12 teachers believe that tablets enrich classroom learning. Helping children learn and has proven particularly helpful among children with developmental disabilities students in the dust, particularly those with learning disabilities. Tablets help students achieve and improve on tests and tests scores.


Finally, tablets make learning fun and fast. Students have to be prepared to face the challenges of the corporate world once school is over. E-textbooks cost average 50-60% less than print textbooks. Tablets lower the amount of paper, teachers have to print for handouts and assignments helping to save environments and money.


In Conclusion, tablets benefit schools in many ways to learn. We can allow tablets for teachers to customize of learning. Student learning is really great because they are improving because of tablet use. That’s all the reasons why tablets should replace textbooks. It’s really good because students have a faster way to learn and get understanding of what their assignment is about.

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  1. Mario Mercado on March 23rd, 2017 11:54 am

    I personally think books should be replaced with tablets also and this article supports my oppinion.Mostly allot of students hate book reading and often fall asleep but if you give them a tablet theyll be more happier to be able to actually focus more and get their work done more better.

Textbooks are here to stay

Having tablets in classrooms causes too many problems. They can cause a lot of distractions and the tablets themselves are bad to have. From expenses, being a distraction to cheating.


The first reason why tablets should not replace textbooks is because they are more expensive than textbooks. Tablets cost up to $70 or even more! When an average textbook cost around $20! The school lose a lot of money, just so that they can provide a tablet for each student. Say if it were to happen here at Desert Pines, we have more than 2,000 students and if you were to do the math it would come out to: $140,000! That’s only the tablet it self, what about protection for the tablets? That would cost even more. Also having tablets require schools to build new wifi infrastructures and they’ll have to teach teachers how to use them.


Secondly, tablets are just a big distraction in the classroom. Students can get off task without the teacher knowing. Rather it’s playing a game, ┬ámessing around with the apps or going on social media. With technology now, they can exit out of the apps and the teacher won’t even know that they were off task. Students can get behind because they weren’t paying attention to what was happening or whatever the teacher instructed. Since technology has advanced, students can be able to do anything with the tablet.


Lastly, students can cheat on school work or test. Just with one click of a button, you can find in seconds. For example, if a student is doing a worksheet, they can just type out the question and find the answer or something similar. Also with test, say it’s on the tablet, students could do the same thing and exit out of the text to search up answers and go back like nothing happened. It would be strange to have students who goof off in class and don’t pay attention to have a perfect score outta nowhere.


In conclusion, having tablets just causes too many problems. Schools can lost A LOT of money and they are a BIG distraction to students. Ways we can fix this problem is to only have a limit amount of tablets and only use them when needed. They can try to not make them a main priority in school.


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