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Should Desert Pines Athletics stay in 3A?

March 23, 2017

We need better competition.

Desert Pines sports have been dominant in 3A. Me and a few others think DP should move up to 4A. In 3A we have at least one athlete in the top 10 rankings for all running events in track. Our football and basketball team has won states a couple of times.

To move up a division in sports isn’t that easy. You have to earn a certain amount of points depending on what division you’re in. To earn those points you have to wins states or if your school does not win it depends on you ranking for that season. Each state championship you win earns a different amount of point.

DP are dominant when it comes to boys sports. We have multiple state championship titles. We are the only state defending school in the division. It’s about we had some real competition. Because while we’re in 3A where just to dominant. To the point where there’s little to no competition. If we move up to 4A it will be a perfect opportunity to actually know how it feels to go from rags to riches. What i mean. By that is to experience what it feels like to make that journey

College recruiters are more likely to look at 4A school. Because they have better athletes and they see more potential. Then what they see in 3A. 4A has the best of the best athletes they also get more attention in all of their sports. 3A has a slimmer chance of getting a scholarship because they are in 4A

Desert pines has a magnificent sports program and they should be recognized for all their hard work to keep the DP legacy going.

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  1. Tesioun Diggs on March 28th, 2017 8:51 am

    I strongly agree with this articlle about Desert Pines moving up to 4A because we have an amazing sports program and lots of athlete in sports such as track,basketball, and football rhat are very skilled and are able to compete at the 4A skill level and some of our athletes in 3A are even better than most of the teams and athletes that are in 4A

Lets continue to Dominate

Desert pines high school is at a point where it could be ranked a 4a school instead of a 3a school. When a school is ranked at 4a they have a higher enrollment rate. The higher the rank the better teams we would be able to play against. I think we shouldn’t move up to 4a and we should stay at a 3a level.

I think we should stay at a 3a level because we would have more kids coming into the school at a 4a level. Our school is already over crowded and can’t support that many more students. We have a total of 2215 total enrolments. The number of students will only increase.

Another reason that i think we should stay at 3a level is for sports. I think we should stay at 3a level so we could remain as one of the best teams on this level. I don’t want the team to move up to 4a and become bad compared to other teams in 4a. And if that happens people won’t want to come to play on our teams.

In conclusion those are the only warrants i have against the school moving up to a 4a. If the school wanted to move to 4a they should have done at the beginning.

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