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Freedom Of Speech

isabelle corbett

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As defined, freedom of speech is the right to express one’s information, ideas, and opinions free of any government restrictions based on content and subject only to reasonable limitations, especially as guaranteed by the first and the fourteenth amendments to the U.S constitution.

The argument of how far the acts of freedom of speech and how far does it really extend to. For instance once the professional football player: Colin Kaepernick, who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick started the movement of kneeling or sitting during the national anthem which happens before the football games begins. Soon after people began to notice his kneeling, other professional football players from other teams started to kneel as well.

The president, Donald trump had an angry twitter rant about the topic on September 25, 2017. During a press conference, Kaepernick announced “ I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses people of color”.

Many students who attend Desert Pines High School have either heard about the situation or have not. Nico Pacheco a junior at DP says “ I did not know about [kaepernick] this but i have respect him for using his huge platform and showing his opinions freely”. Anthony Juarez a sophomore at DP expresses “ yea i knew about Colin doing this and i really like that he’s doing it because he is right. I mean at first when he started kneeling the NFL took away money because they thought that was wrong for him to do and now that it is gaining more traction among outsiders including the president he is getting a higher pay”. Lastly Skye Solano another sophomore at DP stated that “ I didn’t know about [kaepernick] him even doing this but I think he is brave to do what he’s doing”

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Freedom Of Speech