DACA: The Last Hope for a Dreamer

November 30, 2017

   DACA,  known as the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” was given for all the hopes and


dreams of millions of undocumented children and teenagers (age 16 and below) in order for a recovery to


occur  in education, driver licensing, and legally established jobs.


Launched by Ex-President, Barack Obama on November 20, 2012, this legal action allows young


people to take steps into serious matters such as education, without getting stopped or questioned by any


governmental authority.


According to The Washington Post, “New statistics from the Department of Homeland Security,


revealed that roughly 690,000 immigrants are enrolled in DACA and could face deportation if their work


permits expire.”


This is nearly as much as the whole country in total with a population of 325,322,429.


With the cancellation of DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability) in early June, DACA


students remain fearless and with a hope that will unite everyone together for the final breathtaking



Alexa Lozano is a fellow student at Desert Pines High School who disagrees with the removal of


DACA, under threat of removal at the hands of the Trump Administration in early June of 2017.


PM: “ Do you think race and cultural backgrounds play a part of DACA being shut down?”


AL: “No in my opinion, because each person has their own decision on what we think”.


PM: “If you had this program and it was being taken away… what would your thoughts and feelings be?”


AL: “If I had that program, I would feel sad, meaning I wouldn’t be able to go on with my education.”


PM: “How would you live your present life right at this moment?”


AL: “I would live my present life stressful, wouldn’t know what to do now.”

The fears and worries have come to a reality with the upsetting news of the Trump Administration


putting an ending touch to DACA. For more than the 800,000 dreamers taking part in this program, the


dreams of making it last longer… have somehow fallen–and there is no turning back.


Fortunately, dreamers still have the chance for a renewal before Oct. 5. 2017.

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