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Back To Back State Champs

Rachelle Banales, Editor And Chief

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On November 25, 2017 Desert Pines High School had the chance to play against Mojave High School to play for the 3A Division State Championship. This was an outstanding game and it was to close to call. The final score ended up coming out to 54-24, Desert Pines took the big W and became bac to bac two year state champs. There were a few injuries on the field like #22 Anthony Allen who got poked in the eye by an opponent and put out a flag. Another injury was the quarterback #1 Tyler Williamson who suffered a knee injury and possibly tore his MCL muscle, but there was one player who got back from a recovery due to an injury during a game against Sunrise Mountain High School and injured his left knee and he is #23 Andrew Williams. He made an extraordinary comeback on Saturday and it was probably one of his best plays out there.
The team played for one specific player who suffered a very traumatic injury and was taken to the hospital during the last playoff game of Spring Creek High School and needed surgery a few days later. The State game was a major tribute to him and his name is #14 Ta’vion Dirden Allen. Two players had the courage to hold up his jersey with the rest of the 2 team Captains #22 Anthony Allen and #6 Deaundr’e Newsome and the two players were #53 Lorenzo Brown and #3 Jayden Mitchell.
During the first quarter the Mojave Rattlers started coming and winning at first until #12 Jayden King made a touchdown making it tied 6 to 6. The quarterback #1 Tyler Williamson made so many incomplete passes to his player causing the Mojave Rattlers to intercept and run for a touchdown.
Second quarter came and this is when #15 Michael Lofton scored making it 12 to 6 and a by a two pointer touchdown and field goal made by #33 Victor Palafox and the ball held by # 2 Tye Moore.
Halftime passed and then in the locker room was when they had a few words to say getting the guys to continue doing good and to end the game with an outstanding victory.
Third quarter came and the ball was passed to #10 Devin Mcgee scoring for a touchdown but then tackled by Mojave player #3 Tawee Walker. Next the ball was thrown to the goal line where wide receiver #2 Tye Moore catches and scores for a touchdown.
Fourth quarter comes and this is the last quarter of the game and there is 12 minutes on the clock, the ball is being passed and there are player getting tackled, but during the quarter one player had the chance to score a touchdown and that was #1 Tyler Williamson he ran with the ball and made his way through and scored. Then the ball was thrown to goal line where outside linebacker #44 Jesse Bravin scored for a touchdown. The last four minutes of the quarter the all was thrown to once again #10 Devin Mcgee and he led them to victory leaving the score to be 54-24.
Desert Pines High School won the 3A State Division Championship for the second time this year and now going on for the third time next year. #BACKTOBACK

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Back To Back State Champs