Another school shooting, what now?

After the recent school shooting, what will be different with how our country runs.

Speech from Flordia Shooting victim, Emma Gonzalez

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Valentines Day of 2018 was not like any of the past Valentine’s Days. It was changed by the actions of a gunman at yet another school.  19-year-old Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and opened fire, killing 14 students, 3 teachers and staff–injuring at least 15 others.


This marked the 8th school shooting in just 2018 and we are only in February. This might raise the question, “What should we do now?”,or maybe not, seeing as all previous 7 shootings have not changed anything. It seems like we, as a nation, have become immune to these situations and the outcomes of them more and more.


Instead of doing anything to prevent these situations from occurring society has caused the victims to prepare for them. We have special drills, trainings, and meetings for these situations. We have conditioned our children to live in constant fear and worry because it is never certain that we are safe anywhere, not our our schools, churches, or homes.


Personally, I am very afraid of these situations and the possibility of them happening any day. Of walking into school and not coming out one day because the actions of another person. I have two younger siblings also in school who are potential victims in these situations.


Why must we live like this? Why must we mourn almost every day at situations that could have been prevented? Why are we still arguing over possible solutions when the answer is right in front us?


Gun control and gun safety are some of  the best solutions out there. This is not about being right-winged, left-winged or pushing an agenda, it’s about the general safety of the public and our children. How can a person stand up and say that they value their right to have a weapon more than the lives of people.


Guns are a real problem or part of the major problem. They are the common denominator in all these cases, which you can really not argue as wrong. If you believe people are the problem, then you should still be okay with having higher regulations.


If people are the problem then we should still have multiple regulations and checks to be sure that the guns are not going into the wrong hands, if going into any hands at all. That way we would not hear the same excuse of ‘The gunman had a mental illness/past charges’ instead of actually having solutions.


All these people come out and say that gun control and better gun laws will not help anything, but that is not necessarily true. Many other countries have developed gun laws that have shown a change for the positive. In Australia, after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 with a semi-automatic rifle, this country implemented gun laws and regulations. Then again when another incident happened in Melbourne, Australia in 2002; this time with a handgun, they created more laws. There has been a decline in gun deaths and no more massacres due to guns since then.


In Japan, the legal regulations are very tight, making it the country with the lowest gun homicide rates. Only certain guns are allowed: like shotguns, air guns, and guns that have a specific purpose. Even before anyone is permitted to own a gun, they have to go through many tests and medical checks. Gun owners also have to keep the authorities informed of where their guns and ammo are being kept.


People that are asking for better gun laws and regulations are not doing so because they are trying to take away anyone’s rights. People that are asking for better regulations are doing so because they want better safety for the public. Just like gun owners currently have a right to own guns, students have the right to be alive. It is not like we are asking for something impossible or out of this world, we are asking for our safety guaranteed.


Currently there is another movement starting up named, ‘March for Our Lives’, started by survivors from the recent Florida massacre with the purpose of making this the last mass shooting. Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and all over the country are planning a march on March 24 of 2018 to bring more awareness and state that this will not be the last march. There is also a date set up for students and teachers to walkout as a protest for the lack of actions from our government, which is on March 14 and April 20, 2018.


Now, more than ever, students and the youth, whether affected or not, are speaking out against the current state of this country. It is not the time to tell the youth that they do not know anything and ignore them; it is time to listen to them and follow them. We are the future, we are the victims, and we want something to be done– Anything to be done.


Send your thoughts and prayers to the families affected by this tragic event but also take action and let the government know that we want change. The youth needs to become informed and speak up before we become another statistic and forgotten.


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