Alleged Suspect Stalking Female Students

Student Safety a Key Issue at Desert Pines Community



Stalking Suspect attending Desert Pines Homecoming Football Game

Stalking Suspect Attending Desert Pines Homecoming Football Game October 5, 2018

 Student safety is a primary issue on school campuses across Las Vegas–including Desert Pines High School in North Las Vegas; however, several female high school students report being stalked by this man and was last spotted by two students on campus Monday, February 4, 2019.

  As many as four students, as young as 15, have seen this man on and off campus for several months.

   Students say the male suspect, approximately in his early 2o’s, has identified himself to some underage female Desert Pines students as ‘Carlos’ as far back as July 1, 2018–this the earliest known sighting at an off-campus location near Desert Pines High School.  The four female minors say the suspect first said he was 16-years-old but, subsequently, said he was 23-years-old.

  The male suspect [pictured above], continues to be sited by students who will remain anonymous for their safety.

  As recently as January 22, 2019, student ‘Krisanne’ [real name withheld] saw ‘Carlos’ [suspect] outside her home.

  Yet another Desert Pines minor, ‘Elyss’ [real name withheld], states that ‘Carlos’ would go inside ‘Elyss’s’ home, uninvited, and walk into ‘Elyss’s bedroom while she was asleep, frightening ‘Elyss’.

   Another person named  ‘Mike’ [real name withheld], who witnessed the above-described incident, told the suspect, ‘Carlos,’ “I am going  to call the police if you don’t stop,” according to ‘Elyss‘.

  The suspect then left the female minor’s home, and to date, ‘Elyss’ said she has not seen the suspect at her residence.

    A third female minor, ‘Hana,’ [real name  withheld] says the suspect has tried calling her phone number several times between October, 2018 and February, 2019.

   ‘Hana’ reports that she does not know how the suspect, ‘Carlos’ accessed her personal information. She says the suspect has also followed her to her home several times.

   On Monday,  January 21, 2019, ‘Hana’ reported that the suspect said he ran away from home, but ‘Hana’ saw him at school that same day in the front of Desert Pines High School, where she has often seen him before.

   The suspect has identified himself as, ‘Carlos’ but no one knows for a fact this is his real name. ‘Krisanne’ says she reported what happened to her to the Desert Pines Campus Police but she says campus police told her she should have reported the incident sooner.

   The female minors named in this article report that the suspect uses different names.    

  ‘Elyss’ said the suspect identified himself as ‘Carlos’; while ‘Krisanne’ stated that the suspect identified himself as, ‘Codi’; ‘Hana’ reports that the suspect said, “In the hood, they call me, ‘Javier’ or ‘Young Blood.’

  The female minors this reporter spoke with say they are very frightened and worried that he might show up at their homes again.

      “I don’t feel safe walking by myself anymore. I make my brother come with me when I go places,” said ‘Elyss.’ “I can’t even have a normal relationship because he [suspect] might try to harm my partner,” said ‘Hana.’

    “No girl is safe around him. He lives right next to the school and anyone can fall for his lies. I am worried about who might be next,” ’Krisanne’ stated to this reporter.

  ‘Krisanne’  says she went with her parent to check whether the suspect had ever been registered at Desert Pines High School.  She said a school official reported that the suspect had never attended school at Desert Pines, although the suspect’s name has not been confirmed by this reporter.

     On January 25, 2019, ‘Elyss’ stated that she “saw him walking out of the school with a backpack on. He started walking towards me, so I went home.” Elyss also stated that, “He [the suspect] sells drugs on school campus once every two weeks.”

 ‘ Elyss’ continued to remember what the suspect said to her in the past, “Over the summer, he would chase little kids around the pool at Playa Vista.  He would corner girls on the side of the pool trying to force them to go on a date.”

  Both ‘Elyss’ and ‘Krisanne’ say the suspect “would make death threats against the kids around the pool very aggressively.”

   “He choked my little brother,” said Elyss, continuing, “I reported the incidents that happened poolside to the apartment complex management but they took no action.”

    The suspect entered a Desert Pines football game on October 5, 2018, potentially compromising student safety. Students report this has happened more than once on school property.

All calls by student journalists to Metro Police and North Las Vegas Police went unanswered.