Students’ Safety at Stake


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 For the past year, there have been more 422 incidents involving robberies and assaults reported in North Las Vegas. The robberies during the fall semester affected students all over the country.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018,  three robberies were reported near Desert Pines High School, according to KTNV-TV News.

The first incident involved two minors, both female, in front of a home while on their way to school.

  The two females heard a voice from behind and turned around to find a teen male named Carter from Desert Pines High School pointing a gun at them.

  The second incident, a young male also from Desert Pines High School was walking on a sidewalk when a Sedan cut in front of him.

 A male exited the vehicle and pointed a gun at the victim and demanded his property.

 A third incident was reported later at approximately 9:58 a.m. The suspect and vehicle description were the same as the two previous reports.

 The suspects were described as two black males between the ages of seventeen and eighteen, thin builds, and black hair. One suspect was wearing a dark jacket, red shirt, and black pants. The second suspect was wearing a dark blue shirt and red pants.

 The suspect’s vehicle was described as a black Nissan sedan with tinted windows and no license plates.

      The police arrested a Nineteen-year-old suspect Anthony Carter. Officers said they were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle near the 4800 blocks of Sahara Avenue being driven by Carter.

 Authorities located some of the stolen property inside of the vehicle

 Carter was transported to the Clark County Detention Center and is facing multiple charges.

 Police continue to search for a second suspect wanted in connection with these robberies.

 These incidents took place in an area where many students walk to school, causing concern over the safety of these children.

 An 8 News Now van was found outside of Desert Pines High School Wednesday, October 24 at 7:00 a.m.

 An anonymous student was taking pictures on school property showing the news ban leaving the school after the student attempted to ask him a few questions.

The table shows that the overall Las Vegas, NV crime rate is 12% higher than the Nevada average and is 30% higher than the national average. Looking at violent crime specifically, Las Vegas, NV has a violent crime rate that is 11% higher than the Nevada average and 62% higher than the national average. According to


We continue to try to contact Metro police to see if they have any new information regarding the capture of Anthony Carter, but Metro police continues to leave a voicemail.