Sexual Predators’ Easy Escapes

Pain, aversion, fear, trauma and doubt are present in these victims whilst they get abused by violators. Sexual Violence has been in this world for as long as anyone can remember,  

  Both females and males are at risk every single day. There are predators, who seek to find their prey, and most of the time, they lurk in hidden sight.

   They have mastered the skills to appear as another normal human being; which means, they will be extremely difficult to spot,

  It is absolutely crucial for people to realize that anyone can be at risk for sexual assault.

  Children, teens, adults and even elders suffer from sexual misconduct. Although it might not seem like it, sexual assault and/or rape is the least reported crime according to RAINN  .

  Some people possess the idea that males are not exposed to sexual misconduct. This seems to be a serious problem, due to the fact that the male victim is least likely to report it.

Take Michael(for safety reasons his real name will not be stated) as an example, just because he was a handsome young man with perfect traits didn’t mean he wanted sexual relationships with every female he came across. All the groping just kept him quiet and reserved with a fear of being in a relationship.

  According to RAINN, victims know this society and its justice system will not believe them because males, supposedly, do not experience these things. But, in general, these victims are scared and hesitant.

  This world and the people in it have proven to the victims that no matter what they do, nothing will help them obtain justice against these predators for many reasons.

  If the victim is a female, the perpetrator has an advantage because the perpetrator is “superior.”

  The delinquent will most likely have more money, and more power(same goes for males). If the victim was a male, the perpetrator has an advantage because who would believe him? Males don’t experience these type of things.

  These promises the victims receive from the justice system and society are simply just empty words.



  • Out of every 1,000 rape reports, 995 perpetrators will walk free.

-230 are reported to police

-46 reports lead to arrest

-9 cases get referred to prosecutors

-5 cases will lead to a felony conviction

-4.6 rapists will be incarcerated

Perpetrators of sexual violence are less likely to go to jail or prison than other criminals.

  • One in three females will experience some form of sexual misconduct
  • One in six males will experience some form of sexual misconduct
  • 91 % victims are female
  • 9 % victims are male
  • Rape is the most under-reported crime
  • 63% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police


A Survivor’s Story

(For safety reasons the victim’s legitimate name will not be stated)

Selene is a young girl in high school. Throughout her years on this earth, many obstacles were thrown at her. But selene, being the warrior she is,  has overcome those obstacles. Unfortunately, Selene says she was left drained and exhausted, “I already had so much weight on my shoulders and for this to happen only made everything worse”. -Selene.

   She began to struggle with an even deeper depression and anger that seemed to consume her each second that passed.  Even in her darkest times, one might assume it could not get worse, but, sadly, it did. She came forward and shared her story.

I can’t remember the exact date it started,  but if i had to round, i would say it started the summer of 2018. Every summer i, alone, would go to California to visit my sister and the rest of our family.  I always used to get excited to go see them because well…they’re my family, why wouldn’t i? They live so far away so i don’t really see them as much. At least that’s how I felt before these things happened. As much as i love my family, I began to lose the enthusiasm once things began to get weird. And all of those sudden feelings were because of my sister’s husband. That coward changed everything for me”.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. A hot day in June and I was enjoying spending time with my family. I haven’t seen them in months and man was I glad to be home with them. My sister’s husband;let’s call him ‘m’ ;he kept giving me these weird looks, gestures and compliments. It was weird to me because he’s never been like that with me. I simply ignored him and went on with my day. Fast forward to night time, we’re all in our rooms and my sister, M, and my baby niece are out in the living room watching a movie. I didn’t bother going out unless I craved a snack. I was in my nephew’s room watching a movie as well. The night moves on and midnight is getting close. My movie had finished but my sister’s hadn’t. Considering I sleep in the living room, I had to wait for them to stop watching the movie. Then finally I heard the credits being played so I peeped my head out to be sure, and I was. I came out and sat on the floor to charge my phone. My sister went in her room to put the baby to sleep and now it was just ‘M’ and I. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I told him I did since I wasn’t sleepy.  As he scrolled through the list of movies, he kept asking if I wanted to watch any that passed by. I had and still have this hatred towards him because of everything he has done to me, my sister, my nieces and my nephews. He’s the man I never wanted my sister to be with, a nightmare he was. But because i knew my sister loved him, i decided to stay and let him be nice to me. We talked about the movies we seen and how much we like or disliked them and it seemed like we were getting along okay. Until I asked the most dumbest question, still to this day do I beat myself up about. In the back of my head I always told myself that it was my fault why all of this started. I had asked him if he watched Fifty Shades Freed. He said he didn’t and i was glad because we could get past it and move on….or so I thought. He asked what it was about, and i decided to not tell him the whole plot, i just told him it was a romance movie. But then he proceeded to read the description and he said, “so there’s a lot of sex huh?”, I just answered with a simple yes. I saw him look at the rest of the franchise and then he told me, “You have to show it to me, but when your sister isn’t around”. I was weirded out and began to feel uncomfortable. He kept talking about it non stop so i tried talking to him about other movies so he could forget the other one but that didn’t stop him. He kept asking when could we see it and then i told him that i didn’t think it was appropriate. He made a pouty face and said he didn’t want to watch it alone. I simply told him to watch it with my sister but he said no because she wouldn’t watch it with him. I shrugged then put a movie on my phone instead. I felt a weird vibe from him so i hoped that me ignoring him would make him leave, which eventually he did.  I laid down on the couch happy he was gone until he peeped his head out and told me to not tell anyone about our conversation, I told him okay but then he told me to promise, and well i did. He went back into his room and i was left alone with my thoughts, conflicted and confused”.

“From that first encounter nothing was the same, the compliments and remarks were still there. I didn’t tell anyone aside from my best friend but we soon lost touch and i felt alone, like i couldn’t tell anyone. Until later on he physically began to touch me. Even if it was a smack on the bum or his hand placed on my bum, i felt disgusted and my hatred for him just grew. I wanted to scream and shout at him, i wanted to ask why he kept doing these things to me, i wanted to hurt him but i couldn’t. I dont have the courage to do such a thing. I so desperately wanted to tell someone, my sister, my niece or even my nephew but i feared they would not believe me or say it was for attention since i recently had begun therapy. I didn’t know what to do, i didn’t want to report it either because it would just get in the way of my baby nieces’ adoption. I then decided to tell my therapist, risking the fact that it might be reported and action would take place. Unfortunately my therapist said she had to report it, i pleaded her not to so many times because I just wanted someone to listen, but finally she said she would talk to her supervisor. Next session was here and i hoped for her to give me the news i wanted.  She said nothing was going to happen because we both live in different states. I felt a flood of relief go by me, but i also felt my heart let down. Some part of me wanted justice for the way he treats me but I absolutely did not want to interfere with my nieces’ adoption, so i let it go. Its funny to think about because not for one second did i think i would be placed in this situation. Everytime i would see these types of things in movies or shows i would always say that if i was in their position i would straightway report it or do something about it, but now that it became reality i understand. I understand why they couldn’t tell and most of all i understood the pain of not being able to tell your loved ones. These memories will always stick with me but I will never let them deteriorate me”.