The Clock is Tickin’ On Cohen

 With only two months to go until Cohen will report to prison. His time is running out and he knows it. So Cohen is finding any way he can to be granted a lenient trial.

 “Outside the public glare, Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, has been on an urgent private mission — seeking to provide fresh leads about President Trump to prosecutors so they will recommend leniency in his own case.”

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 Even so, he is not out of the dog house. Everything about Cohen is going public since his search and being apprehended into custody. Cohens publicity is only supported by the fact that a federal judge just demanded the contents of the search warrant for Cohen be revealed.

 “A federal judge has ordered redacted copies of the search warrant materials from the FBI’s raid of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s home and office last spring be made public.

The documents will be placed on the docket Tuesday, according to a brief order by U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley III.

Included in the approved redactions are Cohen’s phone numbers, apartment number, and safety deposit box number.”

 “Looks like we’ll be getting Michael Cohen’s search warrant materials: The NY federal judge handling Cohen’s case approved proposed redactions and ordered the redacted versions placed on the public docket by tomorrow”

— Zoe Tillman (@ZoeTillman) March 18, 2019”

 These are only one of many secretive things being brought to the light of public judgment in this case. Out of Cohen’s testimony came plenty of pertinent information that will help to topple Trump. In short, Cohen pleaded guilty in August to tax and bank fraud, and to violating campaign finance law by arranging payments to silence women alleging affairs with President Trump. In November, he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about efforts to open a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Since then he has been digging into every resource possible to keep tabs on Trump to trade for leniency in his case.

 Though, it’s very unlikely Cohen’s information will be found creditable, since his credit for the truth has been compromised since he was caught in a lie. “Cohen’s credibility is under siege after he admitted that he lied to lawmakers. Prosecutors have already pored through Cohen’s seized electronics and documents for evidence.”

 Though there is one thing that could save Cohen’s rear end. “‘If Cohen does have a magic bullet, it would have to be unique information providing prosecutors an investigative road map against Trump,’ said former federal judge Nancy Gertner.”

 It is also a rocky and close call when it comes to Cohen being truthful. Cohen swears up and down he is cooperating with investigators, giving all the information possible. “Facing three years behind bars, he has testified that he’s been cooperating in investigations into possible crimes by Trump, his family business and his inner circle.”

With all the proof prosecutors have, Cohen seems to be cooperating–though many prosecutors would use that information in reserved terms. This is having a more widespread impact than most officials think, as the youth is left to watch this struggle with Cohen while trying to take another productive step towards the fall of Trump’s presidency.

 To finish this, the only choice Americans have at this point is to watch and wait for the outcome of the trial. One of the best chances prosecutors have to get an honest outcome in this trial is to still have some reservations as to whether or not Cohen is telling the truth, and just keep digging deeper and following this money trail Cohen has left behind. Hopefully, the deeper prosecutors dig, the more unstable Trumps grip on power will become.