How will Students and Staff commemorate the 2018-2019 Desert Pines HS year?

Perla Martinez Bravo, Senior Reporter

The school year of 2018-2019 is approximately coming to an end and for Desert Pines High School students and staff, this means a goodbye. For many students perhaps it’s a cheerful relief, keeping in mind there will be no more complicated math problems to solve or maintain the pressure for an upcoming test. Yet, for some this year was described as an enjoyable year full of wonders and excitement.


As a Desert Pines High School junior, coming to the happy conclusion of ending this year has brought myself to many surprising experiences and skills that I will hope to use for next year. Unfortunately, a dear teacher of ours will be progressing on to her futuristic platforms. Mrs Kelley Sultan who teaches Journalism Foundations, Film Studies, Yearbook, and Publications has gladly contributed to various attributions, events, and even school organizations. The following is a brief interview displayed between Mrs. Sultan and I.


Perla Martinez (PM): “How would you describe your two years at Desert Pines High School to be?”


Kelley Sultan (KS): “Exciting, sometimes challenging, fun, and rewarding.”


PM: “What have you as a teacher, learned from each and every one of your students?”


KS: “So much. Where do I begin? I have learned over the course of these years, that the teacher to student interaction is valuable and prized. I also learned Spanish from some of my students, observation, but most importantly, the DP core values that accepts each and everyone equally.


PM: “Any ending opinions you would like to express?”


KS: “I would like to thank every student of mine for being responsible, caring, and organized. Also for the trust and understanding.”


In conclusion, this third year of Journalism has granted me so many new opportunities and experiences that currently will be use on behave of my skill. Thank you Mrs. Sultan for every piece of knowledge, effort, and appreciation you have demonstrated for every student of yours. Desert Pines will heavily miss you and good luck on every goal you have in mind.