The New French Teacher: Get to Know Ms. Fenderson


Ms. Fenderson

Antoinette Moore, Staff Writer

Meet Ms. Fenderson, the new French teacher at our school.

Ms. Fenderson, new to DP, came from California. Before coming to Las Vegas she taught at a high school called Charter Oak for a year. 

This was a move for me, so last year I was in California and I applied to a couple of schools here in Las Vegas. When I spoke with Mr. Wise and Mr. Stein during the interview they were really nice and welcoming. It made me feel very comfortable. So I thought it would be a nice place to teach, Ms. Fenderson said.

Ms. Fenderson started teaching not too long ago.  

I became a teacher in 2019. I’m in my second year now, Ms. Fenderson said.

Despite only teaching at DP for a short amount of time. Ms. Fenderson says she likes it a lot here.

I like the campus a lot. It is really nice. I like the other teachers and students,Ms. Fenderson said. So far so good. It’s only been about a month but I like it a lot.