Newest assistant principal at Desert Pines takes a new job for CCSD

Mr. Lucas Leavitt

Mr. Lucas Leavitt

Letzy Reveles, Staff Writer

Mr. Leavitt, the newest assistant principal at Desert Pines, will now be leaving the school.

Mr. Leavitt is leaving Desert Pines to become the Director of Online and Blended Learning. Since this was Mr. Leavitt’s first year at Desert Pines, he wasn’t capable of actually meeting the students. Not meeting the students is something Mr. Leavitt regrets the most.

 Mr. Leavitt loves helping students and schools so that is why in his new job he is most looking forward to “being able to support all schools’ implementations of online and blended learning.”

 Even though Mr. Leavitt was not there to physically meet the students, he was there mentally and doing all he could do online. 

Mr. Leavitt had so many plans for Desert Pines. His main focus was on the students and the learning environment. Mr. Leavitt wanted to help the students because he knew what it felt like to be in their shoes.

I wasn’t really engaged in school as a kid, and I didn’t really feel that I had teachers that really cared and so I wanted to be that change for other people,” Mr. Leavitt said. 

“We want to be a resource for kids so when students have issues, questions, or needs they can come to us and we can be the first one to contact for we can help direct them that way.”

 Mr. Leavitt would have made a big change in the students and how they view the school. He would have supported them and helped them along the way.

Since Mr. Leavitt is leaving Desert Pines he will not only be helping us but also many other schools and students. As Mr. Leavitt said, his goal is “to make sure students have all the support that they need.”