How have students been since online learning has started?

Robert Ware, Student Life Editor

Ever since COVID-19 hit America things took a turn for the worse, many places have closed down due to COVID policies. This includes schools, students have had to stay at home because of these COVID rules for many months and are trying to adjust to the new learning style of 2020. So we’ve decided to interview one of our Desert Pines students to find out how their life has been going as of recently.

Recently we interviewed one of our DPHS students by the name of Niqel Junor, we interviewed him about how life has been adjusting to online learning after COVID changed our learning system.

We asked Mr. Junor: what has been your biggest problem adapting to online learning?

“I don’t really have a problem with anything on the school part except the way teachers can explain stuff to us is different, it’s better in the classroom,” Niqel said.

As Mr. Junor pointed out, this has been somewhat of a problem with online learning. A lot of people have been struggling with learning online because it’s very different from learning in-person. When asked what kind of environment he learns best in, Niqel said, “just a quiet and peaceful environment.”

Many people have had the problem of noisy houses, this is something you can’t really control but has a big effect on your learning experience online.

Managing time to do schoolwork has been a big problem for students, but we’ve all have to make the adjustment to pass our classes. Online classes have been hard for some students and easy for some, but we all have to make adjustments to succeed.

“When I get finished with class I do all my work for that class right away, or just set a reminder on my phone to do it later,” Niqel said.

Either in life or in school you’ll always have to adjust to situations you’re put in.