DP football coach, Tico Rodriguez, discusses the impact of COVID-19


Mr. Donavon Lockett

Flashback to last year: DP quarterback RJay Tagataese runs with the ball in the opening game of the 2019-2020 season.

Khalon White, Sports Editor

Ever since COVID-19 hit the US and things took a turn for the worse, many things have closed down due to this pandemic.

Sports are a great example of something that has shut down. Students have to work out and train for their sport at home or somewhere where there isn’t a lot of people.

Everyone is trying to adjust and find new ways for students to still be involved with their sports this year. So we have decided to interview one of our Desert Pines coaches to find out how this pandemic has affected the football team.

We asked Coach Tico Rodriguez — known at DP as “Coach Rod” — about how the football team is adjusting to the season being later than it usually is because of COVID-19.

“It’s been tough not being able to work with the players and develop them,” Coach Rod said, “but right now I am pushing them to get all the paperwork done and focusing on the administrative part.”

As Coach Rod pointed out, it has been a little tough working with the players since they cant be with each other in person. A lot of players and coaching staff have been trying to find better and different ways to work and develop the players.

“We have a class where we are able to train together and communicate,” he said. “We have to do everything online and because of this the football team cant be with each other to train and workout.”

When asked where some players are going to prepare for the late season, Coach Rod answered, “Well, guys have training all over. I think Phase One a really good tool for us. The guys are working at the gyms they can get to.”

Finding somewhere to stay in shape has been a little difficult for athletes, but there are many places and tools that can help them stay in shape. Preparing for the late season has been hard for some of the athletes and coaches, but they all have been working together to put themselves in the best position to have a great season when the time comes.