What DP students did over the summer


Esye Flores

Desert Pines student Esye Flores spent time in the outdoors this summer, where she took this picture near Lake Mead.

Alexa Zepeda, Seasonal Editor

Although COVID-19 has been a struggle, over the summer some students were able to go out and still have some fun with precautions.

Esye Flores, a student at DP, spent her time at home and sometimes out trying to make her summer eventful. Esye and her family tried to spend time outdoors doing activities like hiking.

“Since we couldn’t be around anybody else we would just go places where there wasn’t a lot of people,” Esye said.

Some students were not able to go out and staying at home can get overwhelming, so in their free time they picked up a new hobby.

Marleny, another student at DP, said “I got into a new hobby–I spent my time doing my makeup for fun when I was bored.”

While Marleny picked up a new hobby over the summer, Roselynn C. said “quarantine has affected my summer in many ways. I had to stay home to take care of siblings and I wasn’t able to work.” Her summer wasn’t what she expected it to be and wished it could be better.

“Plans I had with friends were ruined, and overall mostly anything I really wanted to do I couldn’t, so I just stayed home,” Roselynn said.