Girls basketball head coach fighting for a season

Oscar Davis, Desert Pines girls basketball head coach struggles to help his varsity team keep improving


The 2019-2020 girls basketball team, coached by Oscar Davis

Idgerinn Dean, Staff Writer

Oscar Davis, head coach for the Desert Pines girls’ basketball team, has tried his best to keep in touch with players since CCSD said that students would not attend school in person. He wants to get them all together to practice and build back the momentum that they had from their previous season, but restrictions and bad communication is holding the team back.

“Expectations are going to be high on the girls this season, it just kind of killed all of that, I can’t get into the school gym or the weight room, there was a time when I couldn’t even keep in contact with any of them due to NIA restrictions during the summer,” Davis said.

As time goes on it will be a lot more difficult for Davis since there won’t be as much time to get practice before games are scheduled.

Although coaches have been given a schedule for if the district allows in-person learning in the spring, there have been no official announcements yet about when school sports teams will be allowed to play, or even practice together.

“Right now we’re supposedly the first sport that gets to play and we only get six weeks worth of play,” Davis said. “I got the schedule and we only have eight games, which now I have the task put on me to schedule ten more games, since the district won’t be scheduling them themselves.”