The Desert Pines girls soccer team is back!


Mia Diaz

The DP girls soccer coach, Coach Joel, really wants to make the program a whole community that someone can be proud of. A team they can support and help grow.

“I am lucky to be part of it, and I can’t wait to see where we can go together.” Coach Joel said. “We have an amazing group of young ladies who are determined, hard working and fun.”

The girls soccer team’s biggest challenge for the season is to balance game and practice time. They are playing 21 games in less than three months.

“We need to make sure we have no serious injuries.” Coach Joel said. Coach Joel wants to make sure all the players have enough time to rest and recover in between games, and he wants to help bring out their leadership skills.”

“We will focus on how to push the girls to be thinkers on the field as well as use their creativity,” he said. “We want a team that not only can play the game, but they can see the game.” he said. If they can see what is happening before it happens, it does not matter how big, fast, or strong they are, they will always be ahead of the other teams. The best way to make sure they and everyone feels included is by listening to all of the players and by trusting them.”

Coach Joel is there for every one of his players and will work with all of them to make them better. He wants to have a sense of family amongst the players.

“We win and lose together, and while I know this is a cliche, I live by it,” he said. “No one on my team is allowed to disparage another teammate. Everything we do is as a unit. We run together, we train together, we play together.”

Coach Joel is not interested if a player is a freshman or senior. If they can play, they work hard, they show up to every practice, they are playing. He is excited about working with all the players.

“I am excited about continuing the work of previous coaches to build DP into a powerhouse in girls soccer. It will take time, but I believe in the girls who are playing for me.” He said.

He sees their joy in playing, how hard they work, and support one another.

Be sure to come see the girls soccer team play this season! They have an upcoming home game at 4:30pm on Friday, September 24th.