DP Tennis making a comeback


Jay Green, Staff Writer

After having a season off due to COVID, Tennis season is back at Desert Pines.

The Girls Tennis team had a rough start, losing two games, but made a comeback in their third game against Legacy High school being 12-0 as the final score on Thursday, August 26th, 2021.

There are some newbies on the team this year. Coach Lesniak, who coaches for the girls’ team, explained her goals for the season to come. “To get the girls to learn about the game and compete, and winning might come later on,” Lesniak said. “We just want to get the girls to learn and flow through the tennis game and play to their fullest potential.”

The girls’ singles and doubles games are taking a competitive route on the court. Junior Double’s player Dezirae Black told the Jaguar Post the skills that she uses for her games.

“Playing our first home game, My hits and serves are forehand and backhand swings,” Black said, “ I say that my serves [serving the ball on the court] would be the best.”

However, she explained that her other strategies would not be the best way to play but helpful to see how her opponent plays and go along with the flow of the game. Losing two games can be tough for the new players on the team. Dezirae tries to encourage them to not lose hope or to give up if any new players on the team get discouraged a lot of the time.

Coach Lesniak explained that she is doing the best of her ability to have the girls get comfortable with their teammates while playing their matches with each other. If you want to catch the next Tennis game, their next home game will be on Friday, October 1st at 3pm, against Rancho High School.