How Covid is Affecting Desert Pines JV and Varsity Football


Elisah "EJ" Banks

The Desert Pines Varsity Football team runs onto the field for their game against Centennial High School on September 24, 2001.

Elisah "EJ" Banks, Staff Writer

The season has not been going as planned for the Jv and Varsity football team. The head coach of JV has been doing the best he can to prevent the games from getting canceled because of players testing positive for COVID. 

It is now the 7th week of the season, and the team has only played three games.  Before every game, the team gets tested for COVID-19. Vaccinated students do not need to test. 

The first week no one tested positive. But after that, three games in a row were canceled due to players on the team testing positive, or players on the opposing team testing positive.

Coach Gough is frustrated due to the cancellation of games.

“The problem is it cost money to get the kids on the team tested, so all those false positives are forcing the whole team to re-test, which is causing us to spend our money while they are collecting it,” he said.

The first time that players were tested, four players (including the author of this article) tested positive. The whole team had to go get retested in four days. This time everyone, including the ones who tested positive, now tested negative.

Varsity football has lost games due to positive COVID-19 tests.  Out of the 7 weeks so far, they have played three games. The team has now gone several weeks without any students testing positive. 

Editor’s note:  the author of this article plays on the Desert Pines JV football team.