Inner Quad Closures: What happened?


The downstairs inner quad sits empty at lunch.

Jay Green, Staff Writer

Recently, DP admin announced that the inner quads, both upstairs and downstairs, would be closed at lunch.  

Principal Isaac Stein explained that it was a short staff issue that made it hard for them to look after the students. 

“It was a supervision thing,” he said. “It was based on the staffing that we had. We were spread thin throughout the campus and we want to make sure we want as many eyes on students as possible and having everyone in a closer proximity made it a lot easier.”

Students seem split in their reactions to the closures.  

9th grader Jaylen Johnson said it makes it harder for students to get to class if a door to the halls is closed. 

“I feel that it is unfair to some students because they need to get to their class,”  Johnson said. “They can’t go around or having to run all the way to the other side of the school to see the doors are locked and go around a different way”

Patience Brown, also a 9th grader, told the Jaguar Post that the quad closures really didn’t matter to her, but the conflict among other students while getting to class is a problem.

“Like now, I tried to go to my classes and there’s always fighting,” Brown said. “I think that people don’t really like it.” 

There is no set date on when the inner quads will be open back up again.