Students and teachers have opinions on PDA

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Mia Diaz, Staff Writer

Some students get weirded out when they see a public display of affection (PDA) out of the corner of their eye. It is common at Desert Pines High School to see couples getting a little too close in the hallways or in the quad. Several students and teachers spoke to the Jaguar Post about their anti- PDA feelings. 

“I see them hugging in the hallways, and I kinda cringe,” 10th grader Adele “Ashes” Miranda said.

PE teacher Jocelyn Roach said she didn’t think PDA should be allowed at school.

“I don’t think that school is the appropriate place and I definitely don’t think it’s an appropriate time,” Roach said.

According to the Student Success Office, there really isn’t an official rule about PDA, although holding hands and hugging is fine. If there is much more going on, then that should be after school and off campus. 

“Usually we just kinda talk to them, especially if they’re headed to class,” Assistant Principal Stacy Panning said. “Again, you know, just holding hands doesn’t really matter, but if there is much more going on, then we tell them to go to class and separate.”