Upperclassmen prepare for prom


Jay Green, Staff Writer

Prom night is coming up very soon and many upperclassmen at Desert Pines are excited.

Valery Alvarez, the president of the prom committee, spoke to the Jaguar post about plans for the night. 

“Prom is an amazing night of dancing and celebrating ourselves as we move up from upperclassmen to adults,” Alvarez said. “It’s a big part of high school, since it’s focused on juniors and seniors who will graduate very soon, and are allowed to express more of themselves.”  

Not all students choose to go to prom with a date.  One such student is senior Xochitl Hernadez.

“I will be going with my group of friends,” said Hernandez. 

Khaaliq “Seven” Richard, a junior at Desert Pines, is unsure whether or not he wants to go.

“Well, one. I thought that I was working. But I’m not,” said Richard. “Two, I have no one to go with, and number three, I don’t have the money right now. I’m not spending a hundred dollars on those [tickets].”

Ruben Pulido, a senior at Desert Pines, says that he couldn’t care less about going.

“Well, it isn’t useful, unless you have someone going with you,” Pulido said. “You could just hang out on your own in front of the school.”

To be clear, prom will not be held at school, so if you hang out there, you will be all by yourself.  Instead, it will be held at the Student Union Ballroom on the UNLV campus.  

The theme this year is “Midnight Gala.” Alvarez said that it gives the upperclassmen the feel of a fancy gala.

“Our goal is to give people a luxury and Hollywood experience,”  Alvarez said. 

Prom starts at 7 pm and goes until 10 pm on Saturday, March 26th.  Tickets are now $65 for individuals, $125 for couples.  At the door, tickets will be $100 each.