Desert Pines juniors take the ACTs


Tyreecia Hudgins

On Tuesday, March 1, juniors and some seniors at Desert Pines took the ACTs.

The Jaguar Post spoke to some of the students who took the test.

“I was nervous at first,” Justice “Jay” Green said, “but then I calmed down.  The test was just hard for no reason.”

The ACTs are a graduation requirement for students in Clark County School District.  Students must take the test in order to graduate, and the test is paid for by the district.

“I did not feel prepared at all,” junior Emelyn Velasco said.  “The practices that they gave us didn’t help me at all.”

Many colleges look at ACT scores when deciding who to accept.  Students who want a higher score are able to re-take the test, but will have to pay for it themselves.