Baseball season underway at Desert Pines

Photo from by Mike Bowman

Elisah "E.J.' Banks, Staff Writer

Spring sports are back at Desert Pines: track, boys volleyball, softball, and baseball. Baseball is a very popular sport and is one that Desert Pines takes seriously.

Coach Ricky Earp has been the head coach for the baseball team for 8 years now, and coach Greco has been his assistant for the past 6. Team practices are mandatory, and have been going well for the team. There have been some new faces, giving the team an opportunity to grow and develop as a whole.

“We have a lot of newcomers,” Coach Earp said. “So we have been using intramurals to help teach them the fundamentals and rules of the game. We are hoping to be competitive and improve as the season goes on.”

Since Earp has been the head coach for 8 years now, he can see the difference in this season from others.

“This season is different from last year, because we have been able to run intramurals since august,” he said, “Compared to last year, [when] we didn’t get much practice time at all due to the pandemic.” 

Some players have the same idea about how this season will go.

“I feel like this season will be a really good one, more successful than last year,” said junior Armarion Wade, who plays on the team.  “So far there have been a lot of people at the practices and they have a lot of experience, as well as very athletic people that will help this season be a good one.”

Although lots of people might want to play for the baseball team, you do have to be on top of certain things to earn a spot on the roster. 

“Those that are hard-workers, earn good grades, those that are in school and on time everyday, respectful, and coachable are the kids that make the team and stand out to me,” Coach Earp said.