Review: DP Spring Musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown


Jay Green, Staff Writer

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown was one hell of a good show.

I grew up watching Charlie Brown on CBS when I was a young kid during the holidays, so watching the performance gave me such a nostalgic feeling. The show was relatable to anyone who has ever had experience with depression or has self-esteem problems. It used real life situations the audience might have gone through.

The relationships in the show were hilarious to watch unfold. In particular, Snoopy (played by Desert Pines freshman Avi Ramos) was particularly energetic and fun to watch.

The music is highly catchy and calming to the heart. I didn’t expect Charlie Brown to have tear-jerking moments, but it did. The actors really took it to the next level.

If you see Ms. Smith (Redmill) or any of the actors or crew members, please give them a big round of applause for their amazing work with the Spring Musical.