District requirements nix food trucks


An Amazon delivery truck sits where food trucks used to appear in front of the school.

Returning students to Desert Pines High School have been curious about where the food trucks have gone.

There has been speculation across the school as to why, but the answer is not what most students expected: it has to do with the new safety regulations on campus.

Last year, the food trucks at the front of the school during lunch periods provided different food options for students. They seemed like a success, with long lines every day.

“The food trucks are the only reason I came back to this school” said sophomore Ikena.

Although Desert Pines has added a salad bar to the cafeteria, most students would
prefer the food trucks. Several students interviewed for this article complained about the quality of the food at lunch.

“It just would be better with food trucks,” one student, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

Although some students wondered if maybe Desert Pines could no longer afford the food trucks, the real reason why they have disappeared has to do with district regulations, not the school.

“Due to us being a ‘one point of entrance’ school, we cannot have food trucks out in the
front and having kids come outside,” Assistant Principal Mr. James Charlton said, “so we’re working on a plan with the food trucks to bring their goods inside — not the trucks, but their goods — but it’s difficult because there’s additional paperwork.”

So if students are looking to blame someone for the lack of options at lunch, they can blame the new ‘one point of entrance’ policy enacted by CCSD.

But they shouldn’t give up hope, because it sounds like the Desert Pines administration will soon find new ways to give students additional food options.