Staff spotlight: Getting to know Ms. Adkins By Tyreecia Hudgins and Natasha Vazquez-Ramirez


Tyreecia Hudgins and Natasha Vazquez-Ramirez

Ms. Adkins can be found in the counselor’s office.

Tyreecia Hudgins and Natasha Vazquez-Ramirez, Staff Writers

Ms. Adkins works in the counseling office here at Desert Pines High School, but she didn’t always plan on becoming a counselor.

While working as a financial aid advisor at a college and pursuing an MBA (Master of Business of Administration), Ms. Adkins’ interest in working with students was piqued.

“[Working with college students] made me want to pursue becoming a counselor,” she said.

It’s nothing new that students who are dissatisfied with their schedules may find the start of the school year to be overwhelming or stressful. But counselors like Ms. Adkins are here to assist them.

“With school starting and all of the students wanting to change their schedules, it’s our job to help them with that.” Ms. adkins expressed, “I really enjoy working with students!”