The fences are here to stay


Photo by Ismenia Beltran

The main entrance and exit of the school is now the only entrance to the school.

Ismenia Beltran and Amelia DeMaximo, Staff Writers

The students of Desert Pines have noticed fences being placed on the school grounds making there be only one entrance point, at the front of the school through the theater lobby.

Many students expressed confusion about why these new changes on school property were happening.

The Jaguar Post went to DP administrators to find out the reason for these new rules, and how long students should expect them to stick around.

Assistant Principal Mr. James Reynolds, who is in charge of campus security and safety, said he supports the district’s decision to put the fences up.

“It’s all about safety; it’s about knowing who’s on campus,” Reynolds said.

Other administrators agreed with Mr. Reynolds in their support of the new safety measures on campus, including Assistant Principal Ms. Stephanie Wright.

When asked how long the fences would stay up, Ms. Wright responded, “forever.”