Need a cure to a video game addiction? Play football, says DP freshman


Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Ivan Delgado used to play a lot of video games, but once he started playing football his video game addiction stopped.

Delgado is currently a freshman at Desert Pines. He plays on the Junior Varsity (JV) football team, and he has played for more than 7 years.

Before he started playing, Delgado says he would always spend his time indoors.

“I started playing football cause it was fun because it was something other than playing video games, it’s a great way to not stay indoors,” Delgado said.

To be an athlete you must eat healthy and be fit and we all know that being healthy and being fit can be hard but for Ivan Delgado he has to do it with no choice. When he eats he tries to eat clean, even if it might be hard.

“I train a lot and eat well. I train with footwork and catching drills,” he said. “I eat something with fat, protein,vitamins, water and carbohydrates.”