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How will Students and Staff commemorate the 2018-2019 Desert Pines HS year?

Perla Martinez Bravo, Senior Reporter

May 16, 2019

The school year of 2018-2019 is approximately coming to an end and for Desert Pines High School students and staff, this means a goodbye. For many students perhaps it’s a cheerful relief, keeping in mind there will be no more c...

Chinese U.S Trade War

May 16, 2019

So the U.S is at war right now, but not the conventional war you’d think of. This is a war of trade, and it seems the U.s is fighting an uphill battle due to the revisions and actions of the trump administration. (by Chr...

The Clock is Tickin’ On Cohen

March 20, 2019

 With only two months to go until Cohen will report to prison. His time is running out and he knows it. So Cohen is finding any way he can to be granted a lenient trial.  “Outside the public glare, Cohen, Trump’s former personal...

Arming Teachers? Required or Desired?

Christian Furman, Editorial Writer

February 21, 2019

(Photo credit:    Arming teachers, another method of defense or just one more issue that involves gun violence? Is arming teachers worth it? If so, how will they be trained to handle guns? Will faculty be required to wear guns?  When it comes down to an en...

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